Profit From The AI Revolution…Passively?

“This Simple, New ‘Artificial Intelligence’ System Produces An (Almost) Passive Monthly Income From Home – And It Can Be Done By Anyone, From Anywhere!”

And it has nothing to do with either eBay or Amazon…

Dear Reader,

Each month, I get a transfer payment of £295 into my bank account…

It comes in automatically…

Like clockwork.

What’s more, it’s just one of many other payments that come in each month…

The amounts vary…it could be £195…£295…or, sometimes, more (or less)…

Yet the great thing is – I don’t have to do that much to ‘bank’ these payments…

They come in almost automatically.

Each and every month.

And it’s all thanks to ‘AI’ – Artificial Intelligence.

See, I’ve found a simple method that the average person can use to cash in on the artificial intelligence revolution…

Without being a techie – and all whilst working with a laptop from home, a beach, or anywhere else you’d like to work…

This is brand-new…

This is open to anyone…

And it’s relatively passive.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Read on, and I’ll explain everything!

Hi – my name is Martin Holleman.

I’m an ordinary guy from just outside Birmingham, from right here in the UK.

I’m not an ‘internet genius’…

I don’t have a degree in anything ‘tech’….

And I wouldn’t have the foggiest when it comes to selling something on eBay or Amazon….

And no…I don’t REALLY know how ‘AI’ works, either!

Yet – I have stumbled upon a way to cash in on the Artificial Intelligence revolution – with my own, home-based internet business.

It’s a simple business that I believe anyone can copy for themselves.

In fact, I’m convinced it can help anyone – including you – to generate a near passive income of anything from £500-£5,000 per month…

…whilst the ‘AI’ does all the work for you.

How it all came about:

It all started around 5 years back.

Way back then, I met a guy who had an online business that made him good money (this was way before AI had come onto the scene).

This man didn’t have a job, and he ran his unique business as a full-time gig.

At the time, I thought – “That’s a good business!”


Well the guy carried no stock, his office was his spare room at home, he had only a handful of customers…and he generally lived the ‘internet lifestyle’.

All whilst earning good money.

Yet, there was a catch…

You see, what he was doing was quite difficult – and that’s because his business required a certain amount of expertise to actually do.

So, although I liked the idea, I soon forgot all about it…thinking it was something I’d never really be able to do…

Then something BIG changed…

As you probably know, in 2023, ‘AI’ or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was hoisted upon the World.

Everything changed.

Before we all knew it, we were experimenting with ‘ChatGPT’, and were frequently amazed at what it could do.

That’s when it hit me.

I remembered that business concept I’d picked up from my friend, a few years before.

And I realized something:

Perhaps now I could do what he was doing – without needing much in the way of expertise, skills or experience…

I’d use the AI to do all the heavy lifting instead.

IT would take over – and be the ‘brains’ of the operation!

So, I decided to give it a try.

And guess what?

Within the first few weeks of playing about, I had my first ‘fish’ on the line!

Not long after, I had my first payment going into the bank.

And yes, with ‘AI’ doing most of the work!

Then more followed…

I was delighted.

And a little bit shocked.

This ‘AI’ thing really WAS a game-changer!

If you’ve not heard of AI, or not tried it for yourself, then no matter.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘AI’ is a HUGE game-changer for online entrepreneurs, and for humanity in general.

The ‘AI’ is intelligent ; it has a massive knowledge base to draw from, and it can give you the answer to practically any question – in seconds.

That means it can do things that most of us can’t do.

Just look at some of what it can do – and you’ll realise it can quickly replace a skilled human.

For example, the ‘bar’ is a legal exam that graduates have to pass in the USA. It’s typically difficult and takes someone years of studying to graduate from this exam. Yet the ‘AI’ beat it – with just a few pushes of a button!


It also scored in the 99th percentile (meaning it beat 99% of all other scores) in the 2023 USA Biology Olympiad….

It’s not just a business or academic tool either. It can solve a whole multitude of problems – quickly and easily, often far better than most humans.

Heck, it even passed some exams for wine-tasting!

Some quotes about the power of AI…

“I believe AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of humanity. More than electricity.”

– Kai-Fu Lee, AI Expert, Chairman, Sinovation Ventures

“Generative AI may be the largest technology transformation since the cloud … and perhaps since the Internet.”

– Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon

Machine learning and deep learning will create a new set of hot jobs in the next 5 years.”

Dave Waters – computer scientist, CEO

It’s no wonder that ChatGPT – the most popular AI tool – hit a massive 100 million users within two months of launching!

OK, so why am I mentioning this?

The AI can do things most people can’t do – and it’s much faster at ‘working’ than the average human. And this has opened up a whole new World of opportunities – including the one I’m writing about today.

Since the birth of AI, I’ve perfected my business system…

…with AI doing most of the work for me.

It’s a system that enables me to generate an income from the Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

Almost passively.

And here’s the great news…

  • You never have to leave home to use my system…
  • You never have to sell a product, or stock a single thing…
  • You can run the entire business online…
  • You can operate this business from anywhere in the World…
  • There is very little ‘investment required either…you can get started with just a few hundred pounds…

Oh, and by the way…

This has nothing to do with eBay, Amazon or any other online marketplace!

I don’t actually sell any products online.

Which means I never need to buy any stock…and I never have to go to the post office (nor do I ever need to leave the comfort of my spare room – unless I really want to).

This business is unique and it uses ‘AI’ to do the grunt-work, meaning it is something you can run in an hour or two per day.

(At a time that suits you).

And it’s VERY flexible!

If you want to work on this for a couple of hours a day you can…

If you want to work on it part-time…you can…

If you want to work on it full-time – yes, you can do that too…

(And all in hours to suit you.)

It’s flexible – and can all be done from a spare-room at home.

It has nothing to do with selling products online, drop-shipping, eBay, Amazon (or any other online marketplace), trading or gambling, or anything like that.

There is no product to ship and you won’t need anything more than a laptop to get going.

And no, you don’t have to deal with wholesalers, nor will you need to clog up your garage with any stock!

(Actually, this business requires zero stock of anything – and you never have to ship anything either!)

But here’s something I’ve come to realise…

After launching this business, I eventually realized that after a certain level, the business I’m involved with does hit a ceiling…

In short, this little business is limited.

That means one person (including me) can only take it so far.

In my own case, I don’t want the hassle of running a big company.

And that’s why I’ve decided to pass on my system and publish what I call…

The Passive AI-Income Blueprint.

It reveals how to do what I do, and profit from the Artificial Intelligence Revolution for yourself.

  • It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before – as the AI does the hard work and ‘thinking’ for you!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech-lover, or tech-hater…the AI doesn’t care…
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, either…
  • And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a penny online before…

I know that releasing my AI BLUERPRINT will NOT affect me in the slightest. (The market for what I do is HUGE, and it’s growing. )

Having a few dozen extra people doing what I do will make ZERO difference to my own business! (You’ll see why when you see the blueprint in full).

That’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step, A-Z, complete business ‘system’ that anyone can pick up, use and copy for themselves to profit with AI.

Here’s what you’ll learn in my Passive AI Income Blueprint:

  • How to get 1, 5 or 10 people to send you £195-£495 per month, every month – like clockwork! (recurring income whilst you relax and live your life)


  • How to run your AI business from anywhere in the World. One of the unique things about my business is it can really be run anywhere – whether that’s from Buenos Aires, Barcelona or Birmingham.


  • Real demonstrations of people lining up to pay me – once you see this for yourself ‘in the flesh’, you’ll see how this is the real deal!


  • How people will COME to YOU…and how to get them to come to you on auto-pilot, drawing them to you like a magnet (by using my proven marketing collateral)


  • How I use AI and out-sourcing to reduce my workload down to an hour a day – and my blueprint that will enable you to do the same…


  • The exact tools you’ll need to run this business – based on my own experiences – to ensure this business is as passive as possible!

My BLUEPRINT reveals everything, and weighs in at almost 130-pages of real-life, hard-core money-making information that anyone can use for themselves to profit from the Artificial Intelligence revolution.

But here’s the thing…

As with any business – you won’t get very far without customers.

That’s why, as part of my Passive AI-Income Blueprint, you’ll also get my Passive AI-Marketing Blueprint – that reveals how to get hundreds of people lining up to use your unique service.

This real-life marketing blueprint shows you the exact marketing methods you’ll need to copy what I do. Heck, I even hand you my proven template adverts to help you get started (along with the typical results you can expect)…

Here are some recent results – you can see people leave their emails to know more (I’ll show you real-life examples of this).

And here’s something else…

Everyone is online these days, and you’ll want your own professional website that makes you look as professional as possible.

That’s why I’m even including…

My own personal website template – yours to copy…FREE!

That’s right!

You’ll get your own website template (that’s already been tested by me) to give you a ready-made professional website of your own.

(Below is an image of what it looks like – but blurred out for privacy reasons).

And there’s more…

You’ll also get 12 months FREE website hosting!

That’s right. Even though I’m giving you my proven website template to help generate customers for this unique business, you’ll also need to host it – to actually get it online.

That’s why I’ve also done a deal with my publisher to give you 12 months FREE web-hosting – to help you get the site online as quickly as possible (and for zero cost).

Typically, web-hosting like this would run you around £70/year…but I’m giving it you as part of this package. FREE for 12 months – which is more than enough time to see how my business system suits you!

(There are ZERO on-going charges for this – it’s all included with my Blueprint).

We’ll even install it for you – which would probably cost you another £100 on top!

And there’s still more…

Now, although the AI does most of the work for you with my business…you need to know how to actually use the AI to generate the content you’ll need to get paid.

I’ve created a special members-only website to help here.

In the members area, you will get access to the specific AI tools I use to run my business.

Anyone can use these tools, and it’s like have the ‘expert’ you’ll need to run this business successfully!

These tools are where the ‘rubber-meets-the-road’, as they will enable you to enter a few prompts…and VOILA – the AI will produce the content you need to run this unique little business.

It takes literally SECONDS…and it’s all pre-loaded by me – so you just have to enter a few words, and the AI will ‘magic up’ what you need!

It’s really impressive and means you don’t have to know a single thing about AI or how to use it!

Simply login to the special members area, and just enter a few pieces of text (I’ll show you exactly how it works in my Blueprint), and the AI-templates I’ve created for you will do all the work!

This means you can literally get started and be able to use the latest AI technology within hours – all by using my Blueprint and the special ‘AI’ members-area we’ve setup for you.

On the members site, you’ll also get some more walk-through trainings from me where I explain the best ways to get started with my online system.

Just one thing…and yes, this is IMPORTANT…

But I want to emphasise something here.

In short: this is a REAL business you’ll be running here.

And…although it can generate near passive-income – there is still some work to do.

What am I saying? Simply that you’ll need to be responsible and be aware that, as with any business, you’ll have to do your share to get things off the ground.

And as with MOST businesses – most of the work you’ll do comes at the beginning.

I mention this because I don’t want you to think this is some sort of magic money-tree.

Sure, I’ll show you how to get AI to do most of the work, but it’s still a real business that WILL require your care and attention.

If you’re OK with that, and you want a high-demand business that can produce near passive-income, using the AI revolution to lead the charge, then we’re clearly on the same page!

OK, now onto some q and a’s…

How much capital do you need to get started?

As mentioned, this business offers powerful financial leverage, as you don’t need  to outlay any money for stock, and I’m even giving you my proven website template (PLUS free hosting for 12 months) to help you get started.

But, I’d still recommend a ‘float’ of around £500 to get started.

You’ll need some money to advertise your service, plus money for incidentals.

So, if you’re flat broke then this is NOT for you…

But if you’re someone with some ‘get-up-and-go’, eager to get something going online, and you’re prepared to put some ground-work in to get things started – you’ll love this…

How much can I make?

Again, this depends on you. If you do this on a very small scale, you might make anything from £300-£1,000 per month. If you’re prepared to get serious, you can multiply that several times.

And if you follow my lead, you’ll still be able to do this relatively passively (it will just take more work at the outset to set things up).

How long does this take to setup?

As I stressed before, this is a REAL business, but even still, you can get started within just a few days. You’ll even get access to my proven website template (with FREE hosting for 12 months) so you’ll have a professional presence almost immediately.

From there, using my marketing materials, you’ll have a proven path to grow your business from the get-go.

How many hours a day do I need to put in?

It really depends on you, and how you want to scale this.

This model is VERY flexible, and can be done part-time and full-time.

As with any business – just bear in mind that MOST of the work comes at the start.

I’ll be showing you how to get to the point where the AI will do most of your work for you – and ultimately, that means you’ll be able to make a near passive income from doing this, where you’ll need to put in around an hour a day to keep things ‘ticking over’.

More benefits of my Blueprint!

If you’re someone who wants a FLEXIBLE business – then you’ll love my new Passive-AI Income Blueprint!

It can be done part-time or full-time. It can be done in a small or in a big-way…and it can be done in hours to suit you.

This business can be ‘worked’ alongside anything else you’re doing right now, or can be a full-time gig if you’re really ambitious about it.

And here’s something else…

If you’re one of the many people who wants to live abroad, or work from anywhere, then you will LOVE my system!

It can be operated from anywhere in the World, as long as you have an Internet connection…

Want to run this from a beach in Europe, or from a sleepy resort in Asia? It’s entirely possible, and I know people in this niche business who are doing exactly that!

Picture yourself running this business in the mornings from a laptop in Buenos Aires, whilst you spend your afternoons in boutique coffee shops…

Picture yourself profiting as you snooze on a beach in Thailand…with your online AI-based business humming along in the background..

You never have to meet your customers, and EVERYTHING can be done online…

That means my system is a great way to increase your lifestyle by living abroad for part of the year (or even all of the year).

If that sounds good to you, then you’re going to love my system…

OK, so let’s wrap this up…

My system enables anyone to generate an income from the AI-revolution…with the AI doing most of the work for you.

You don’t need experience and it doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before; tap into the AI revolution for yourself, and let it start making money for you!

And yes…almost passively….

My system is flexible, and it’s open to anyone in the UK.

And it’s something you can do from home – without a large capital investment.

I will gladly show you how it all works, and hand you my proven templates so you can get started for yourself.

EVERYTHING you need is in my brand-new system – The Passive AI Income Blueprint…

Here’s everything you get in my new system!

  • My complete ‘A-Z’ Passive AI-Income Blueprint master manual, with 130 pages of real-life money-making information…£197 value


  • My Passive AI-Marketing Blueprint master manual, revealing how to get people to automatically line up and pay you each month for this service…£197 value


  • Access to my Members-Only website – where I’ve included the resources you’ll need to get AI to do the ‘work’ for this business…as quickly and easily as possible (let the AI do everything for you!)…£197 value…


  • My PROVEN website template – yours for your own website – PLUS free 12 months hosting and FREE installation…a £197 value


The total value? £788.

There are NO further charges – there is only a one-time fee, and that’s it.

Yet I’m not expecting you to pay anything like the £788 in ‘real’ value to access the Blueprint

What’s the price for my blueprint then?

Well, my blueprint is NOT a big expensive set of DVDS…

And it’s not a multi-thousand pound seminar or coaching program…

(Nor is this a £20K franchise deal)…

Rather than messing about like that, I’ve decided to release the package in a simple, and relatively inexpensive format.

The price for complete access to the Blueprint…including the two manuals, your own website, plus hosting (and free installation) PLUS access to my Members site – is just £495 in total…

Which is a fantastic value.

But you don’t even had to pay the £495 price today…

In fact, as a FIRST publication special, I’ve agreed with my publishers to discount that down to just £247 for the entire blueprint (that’s HALF the price we intended to publish this for!)

That’s right!

It’s an incredible value, and I could dress this up and charge more like £995 if I really had the time and inclination to do so.

But I don’t.

So the price is JUST £247 for everything.

And again, there are NO further charges.

This fee gets you your blueprint book, your members site access and even access to my proven website template you’ll need to run the business…in short, everything you need to get involved with this unique business yourself.

What can you get these days for this kind of money?

If you were to sit down with me, one-on-one, for a few hours and for me to show you my blueprint…would £247 be a reasonable fee? Of course it would!

That stated, this price is peanuts given that it can set you own your way – with potentially life-changing results!

Speaking of which…how about a guarantee?

Yep – that’s right, there is one!

You can try my entire system for 60 days – risk-free!

That’s right!

Get my blueprint and the accompanying members-website access, and check it out for a full 60 days. If you’re not happy with it for any reason (or no reason!), you can just return it to my publishers, Information Mavericks Ltd.

They’ll refund you in full, at any time within 60 days of placing your order. We can’t say much fairer than that.

Click here to check it out now – risk-free!

My blueprint is a real book (in fact two books) by the way – posted out to you, by Royal Mail. In with the books, you’ll get access details to the members website, plus details of your template website…

The end result…

In 60 days or less, you too can be on your way to generating passive AI income…

Picture yourself waking up in the morning, knowing £500-£1,000 will be automatically deposited into your bank account this week…with AI doing most of the work for you.

Picture yourself running this unique business from a laptop by the beach…from your spare room at home, or whilst you do whatever else you want to do with your life.

What will you do? Where will you go?

Use the breakthrough technology of ‘AI with my growth blueprint – and new vistas will open up to you…

You’ll have the freedom to travel and make money – or to simply work from home, and be your own boss…

How about working from a boutique coffee shop, just on your laptop, as you see regular, recurring cheques hit your bank account?

Just you, your laptop, and my approach to cashing in with AI…from anywhere in the World, or simply from the comfort of your favourite armchair at home…

All whilst watching regular payments pile up – almost passively.

It’s possible with the right system – and it’s that which I’m offering you today.

Click here to check it out now – risk-free!

Within 60 days from now, you’ll be able to see a new perspective on the World…where you can profit from AI, and without the usual hassles of a lot of online businesses.

Join me!

Just one thing…

If you’re interested – don’t hang about!

You see, I won’t be keeping my blueprint on the market forever.

I’ve agreed with my publishers to keep this open a while, but not forever. That means, if you want to try this yourself, you should give it a trial today.

What’s more, as with any business, you’ll want to get on it whilst it’s fresh which means you shouldn’t wait a single minute.

With my 60-day guarantee, what do you have to lose?

Join me and harness the AI revolution for passive profits – today!






Martin Holleman

Creator, The Passive AI-Income Blueprint

P.S. Copy my blueprint today – and start banking passive income cheques for yourself – with ‘AI’ doing most of the work for you!