“Revolutionary New Artificial Intelligence Tool For Online Sellers Removes All Barriers To Profiting Online; Hands You A £5K-£10K/Month Online Business – Almost Overnight!”

Now also tells you what products are NEW and TRENDING – with powerful AI technology!

  • It doesn’t matter how old you are…by mimicking ‘me’, the Artificial Intelligence is like having me do it all for you…
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a techy-dunce…the Artificial Intelligence will once again do the heavy-lifting for you…
  • It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before or not tried before…the Artificial Intelligence is a total game-changer, because now this is like having me ‘loaded into’ your PC…doing it all for you…
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to sell and can’t write – as the Artificial Intelligence does it all for you!

Dear Customer,

This revolutionary artificial intelligence breakthrough is about to change the game forever!

In short, the ‘AI’ breakthrough I’m writing about today will enable YOU to build your own £5,000-£10,000 per month online business…a business that will generate passive-income more quickly and easily than has ever been possible before now!

THIS is a huge game-changer!

And no – I don’t care how old you are, what you’ve tried before, or whether you believe you can’t sell a thing online…none of that matters.


Because for the first time in history, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has levelled the playing field.

Now, more than anytime in history, it is YOUR time to take a piece of the online selling pie for yourself  – with the help of the biggest technological breakthrough of the last 30 years!

Read on, and I’ll explain everything…

Hi – Oliver Goehler here…

As you know, the World has changed remarkably over the last few years…

We’ve had Covid…lockdowns…spiralling-inflation…wars…governments close to breaking point…and rapid shifts in technological progress that’s making people’s head spin.

But the biggest breakthrough for online sellers is the AI age – the dawn of real ‘artificial intelligence’.

We’ve all heard of ‘AI’ – artificial intelligence…most typically via ‘ChatGPT’.

Heck, you’ve probably tried it.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been super impressed!

But you might not know how BIG this really is – and how this has now opened up online selling to everyone – in a more powerful and complete way than we’ve ever seen before.

But before I talk more about that…

Let’s talk about the PROBLEM most online sellers face…

(and how AI has now SOLVED them!)

Online selling is bigger than ever, and life-changing when done right.

Fact is, if you get the right products, you can run an online business that generates an (almost) passive income…that sells for you 24-7, whilst you do whatever you want with your life.

This is what I’ve done for years.

In fact, even today, with the UK on its knees and the economy floundering, I still do £15K in sales a month on eBay (account below, plus a much smaller account that does around £1.5K in sales)…

I also do around £20K/month in sales on Amazon.

In total, that’s the best part of £1/2 million a year in sales – and that doesn’t include any sales of my ‘information products’ either.

That’s just selling simple little products on the online marketplaces!

There’s nothing complicated about the products I sell…

They are simple, straightforward, problem-solving products that I promote with powerful sales copy. And these products are in niches where people BUY – regardless of what the economy is doing!

But, there’s a problem…

…and it’s the REAL reason MOST people are shut out from ever launching their OWN £10K/month online business that sells simple products online…

In fact, there are actually TWO major hurdles the average person faces when looking to sell online:

FIRST PROBLEM: most people don’t know WHAT to sell – or choose the WRONG product!

You have to be able to find hot, niche products that are in demand right now…this is KEY.

And that isn’t easy…least not today, when there’s more competition than ever!

And then there’s the SECOND PROBLEM you face: you need the be able to actually SELL those products…typically with slick descriptions and killer ‘sales copy’. You need to be able to describe them so they SELL!

And again – that isn’t easy for most people.

(Most people aren’t sales writers.)

Most of my own sales online – which are into the millions over the years – have come from simply selling the RIGHT products with GREAT sales copy.

But most people CANNOT easily find good, hot ‘niche’ products to sell….

And even if you DO find something great, they’re not always able to write the great sales description (which is a whole other task in itself), to sell the product in question…

But with the arrival of AI – this is about to change forever…

Because AI has levelled the playing field!

AI – artificial intelligence – is a new technology that effectively allows computers to ‘think’ like humans.

This ‘artificial intelligence’ is brilliant; it can write, design, invent and program – just like a human. In many cases, better than a human!

The power is extraordinary, and it opens up all sorts of NEW opportunities…

Here at my offices, earlier this year, I realised how important AI is and will be….

And it’s how I came to develop what I call…

Next-Generation Seller AI…

Next-Gen Seller AI is my own, personally-developed Artificial Intelligence system.

And it’s why I’m writing you this letter today…

Next-Gen Seller AI has been built using breakthrough artificial intelligence technology.

It’s a toolkit of AI tools that thinks like me, and does what I can do.


It’s programmed to essentially ‘mimic’ my own brain and thought processes through the use of new Artificial Intelligence – enabling you to INSTANTLY find great products, and then promote them – just like I would!

The result: you can do everything I do – with just the push of a button!

I told you this is a real breakthrough!

It’s actually the closest thing to having ME working for you, finding products to sell and then writing the copy to sell them.

Yes – this is the closest thing to actually basically ‘being me’ – or essentially having ‘me’ at your beck and call just by pushing a few buttons to build your online business for you!

Now you can…

  • Find the best, most profitable, niche products to sell like I’m finding them for you – with just the push of a button!
  • Write powerful ‘sales copy’ descriptions to sell them – just like I’m writing it for you…with just the push of a button!
  • And generate a near PASSIVE online income for yourself as a result!

How it came about:

Next Generation Seller AI has been developed over a 9-month period, by myself and two AI ‘geniuses’.

The goal was simple: create an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that thinks like me – that can find products like me, write sales copy like I do, and build listings and brands like I do.

And by golly – I think we succeeded!

The result: now anyone can use this ‘AI’ system to start and build their own online business – and because it essentially mimics my own online-selling brain – it’s just like I’m doing it all for you!

So, let me tell you more about how Next-Gen Seller AI works, and each part of the ‘system’ and toolkit…

First up…the Next-Generation Product-Hunter AI…

Look, the biggest key to your success online is the products you choose to sell.

If you choose a winner in a low-competition market, you’ve got it made.

Making sales with low-hanging fruit products like this is EASY.

Really easy.

Sales come in thick, fast and continuously. (All day, every day – yes, whilst you do whatever you want to do with your life).

Products like this can make you a near passive income, running ‘in the background’, depositing money into your bank account 24-7.

But finding these products is NOT easy!

Until now!

The Next-Generation Product Hunter AI is a game-changer. Because it finds those ‘killer’ low-competition, high-selling NICHE products for you – with the push of a button.

You see, we ‘programmed’ the AI to essentially ‘think like me’…

The ‘AI’ rifles through approximately 10 million online products – to find the very best, hottest NICHE money-makers!

So imagine 20 years of deep online selling experience ‘loaded into’ the AI…which essentially mimics the way I look at finding products…and then this artificial intelligence tells you –  INSTANTLY – the best products to sell in the best categories online.

Based on what I’d personally look for and do.

This is the power of AI (it’s insane).

It sounds like fantasy (and just 18 months ago – it was!).

But now it’s a REALITY!

And it’s so easy: you just push a button and VOILA – you’ll get a list of the best products to sell right now – in the best categories online, using a behind-the-scenes ‘super computer AI’ that mimics my own online-selling brain.

The ‘AI’ trawls through both eBay AND Amazon – effectively the entire UK online product catalog…

…and it then finds for you those NICHE products that can and will bring in money day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year, for years to come – and it’s just like me doing it all for you!

And there’s more…

We also recently added a NEW feature that finds those NEW and TRENDING products that are EXPLODING onto the scene.

These ‘trending’ products are the key to big profits – and the AI now finds them for you!

Some sample products it recently found below…

Once again, this would have been impossible just 12 months ago.

But with the arrival of AI, we’ve been able to ‘mimic’ how I would find and identify the best niche products to sell – and you’re now handed them on a plate!

But as important as having a great product/s really is…you also need something else to really maximise your online sales.

Great sales copy!

It’s true…

…great sales copy – aka the description you use to sell the products you have – is KEY.

This is what really drives your sales and beats your competition.

Great ‘sales copy’ and great products are what bring in £15K a month for me on eBay…and even more than that on Amazon (and, in total, millions of pounds of sales over the years!).

But most people, once again, struggle to write great sales copy/descriptions for their products.

But today, with the help of AI – this barrier has also been smashed!

Let me introduce you to AutoPersuade AI – my new £5m copywriting tool!

AutoPersuade AI is my (automatic) new sales-writer extraordinaire.

What we did: we went through my personal files and found the best examples of sales copy I’d written over the years, selling all sorts of different products…

There were sales descriptions in my files selling everything from diet pills…to testosterone boosters…to beauty creams…to car polishers…to self-defense instructional programs…and more besides…

We chose the BEST examples (in total the sales copy we selected had brought in around £5m in sales)…

We then ‘trained’ the AI to think, write and produce ‘killer’ sales descriptions just like I do – based on my previous sales descriptions.

(After all, my ‘style’ of writing is proven to sell millions of pounds worth of products!).

The result is extraordinary.

I call it

AutoPersuade AI…

This remarkable tool will write FOR YOU that all-important, powerful, money-producing, sales-busting ‘description-sales-copy’ for any product – just like I do.

A money-making description for your product that will…

  • Bring in money 24-7, whilst you do whatever else you want with your life…
  • Beat your competition so they’ll have NO chance to compete with you…
  • Sell your products passively for YEARS to come…so you can generate a passive income from online sales…

AutoPersuade AI works in ANY niche for ANY product!

And it writes your entire sales copy just like I would (it even writes the headlines for you), without paying me thousands of pounds for the privilege! (OR spending 10+ years learning how to write exceptional copy!).

You simply enter a few prompts about your product…and then hit ‘Go’. It then writes sales copy just like I would – in less than four minutes! (Yes, I timed it).

AutoPersuade AI works together with my Product Hunter AI – to effectively hand you an online business.

Simply find a great product with a few clicks…and then with another few clicks – generate the amazing sales copy that will sell the dickens out of it!

Now you can understand why ‘Next Generation Seller AI’ is such a breakthrough…

If you can find great, not-so-competitive niche products to sell AND then be able to write ‘killer’ copy to sell them – you can effectively mimic ‘me’ and my own online selling prowess.

But these two tools aren’t the only thing included with Next-Generation Seller AI…

There’s more…and up next there is our…

eBay AI listing title builder…

Apart from choosing the right product and having the sales copy to sell it – what else do you need?

Well, to be fair, a great product and some great sales copy is MOST of the job done…and these have been the two key factors that have driven most of my online sales over the years.

But there are a few other bells and whistles that will help further keep out your competition and improve your sales.

One such extra booster is having a great TITLE on your eBay listing.

Your title relays the main words that help people find your product.

You can see some example eBay titles below….for a mattress cleaning product (with black dotted boxes around the titles – these words are KEY your listing!).

But how do you know what words to use? Most people don’t, and they often find out that their listing gets NO VIEWS as a result…

Let me introduce you to the Next-Generation Seller eBay AI Listing Title Builder (or Amazon – if you’re listing on Amazon).

Once again, this tool uses artificial intelligence to build your all-important title for you – giving you a title that not only catches shoppers’ eyes, but which will ensure your listing is flooded with traffic and sales! (Again, – we programmed this up to mimic my own ‘brain’, based on my own methods and secrets).

Once again, just 18 months ago, this kind of thing was impossible.

But now, it’s a reality.

It will enable you to write eBay listing titles like I do – a listing that ensures a flood of traffic, generating a sales explosion in the process.

Combine a great niche product, with a powerful sales description – PLUS have a great title that brings in a flood of traffic – and you can generate sales for your product 24/7…

And there’s more still…

Next-Generation Seller contains more tools besides….

There’s our ‘customer mind reader’ that tells you what your customers really want…great for understanding who you’re selling to, and making your ‘sales copy’ even more powerful…

There’s our AI Naming Genius that works with the ‘customer mind reader’ to come up with the best possible name for your product…

There’s the ‘AI-USP Builder’…a handy tool that gives you ideas for further separating YOUR product from your competition, so your product becomes unstoppable (so you can develop a product that runs for years on auto-pilot, with your competition unable to get a look in!).

Heck, there’s even a ‘AI Product Sourcing Genius’ module – just enter the product you’ll looking for, and it will give you dozens of ideas for suppliers!

(A quick example below for a dog product – it generated a powerful suppliers list in just SECONDS!).


In short, Next-Generation Seller has EVERYTHING you need to build your own £5K-£10K per month online business – with this new ‘AI’ doing all the work for you!

So let’s see what we have here…

You’ve got the Product Hunter AI to find the best, niche products to sell (the most important thing with any online business)…

You’ve got AutoPersuade-AI to write the all-important sales copy to sell that product…trained on £5M/data to write like I do…(without you having to spend 10+ years learning how to write descriptions that sell)…

(These two things will be responsible for MOST of your success – and Next-Generation Seller AI does it all for you!)…

…and you’ve also got the eBay AI Title Builder…the ‘AI Customer Mind Reader’, the ‘Naming Genius’…PLUS the AI-USP builder to leave your competition in the dust…and the ‘Product Sourcing Genius AI’ module…

Basically, you have everything you need to build your own online business!

(With the AI and ‘me’ doing nearly all the work for you).

Using Next-Generation Seller, you can find and sell products just like I do…

Products that run for years, generating a near-PASSIVE income for you…

You see, once you get a product that sells, it can sell for years non-stop. (I have products I’m selling today that I’ve been selling for 9 years on auto-pilot – because I chose the RIGHT product and used ‘KILLER’ sales copy to sell it!).

That’s the real goal here: get a decent portfolio of products and let them run for years on near autopilot, generating near passive income for yourself.

And once again, AI does all the heavy lifting for you…

It finds the best products, and writes the sales copy and creates your listing title – just as if I were doing it for you!

Next-Generation Seller is the biggest breakthrough for online sellers in years…maybe ever.

Never in history has EVERY barrier been smashed like this – and it’s really all down to this breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence…

  • It doesn’t matter how old you are…by mimicking ‘me’, the AI is like having me do it all for you…
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a techy-dunce…the AI will once again do the heavy-lifting for you…
  • It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before or not tried before…the AI is a total game-changer, because now this is like having me ‘loaded into’ your PC…doing it all for you…
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to sell and can’t write – as the AI does it all for you!

There are really no excuses left.

Now, as good as this toolkit is – I’m also going to give you more besides..

You see, as good as these tools are, you still need to know how to put everything together to turn it into profitable products that produce a (almost passive) income online.

That’s why I’m including a brand-new training with access to Next-Generation Seller AI.

It’s called “The Next Generation Selling BLUEPRINT with AI”.

It reveals the step-by-step SYSTEM I’m using right now to use AI to launch profitable online products that bring in a near-passive income.

This new AI BLUEPRINT shows you my super-simple THREE-STEP system for how AI has changed the game, and now enables anyone to cash in with the online marketplaces.

I’ll be showing you how to follow these SIMPLE THREE STEPS – so you can use AI and the tools in Next-Generation Seller to quickly and easily build your own £5K-£10K/month online business.

This is all-new information that harnesses the latest breakthroughs in AI, along with all the tools in the Next Generation Seller AI.

You’ll learn…

  • How to test products without spending any money (zero stock) BEFORE you order anything from a supplier…this is crucial
  • How to use my ‘short-list spreadsheet’ (including with Next Generation Seller AI) to narrow down your first test line of hot products to try…
  • How you’ll know within the NEXT SEVEN DAYS which products you’re going to sell – and you’ll know with near certainty that your business will be a SUCCESS!
  • How to outsource all your fulfilment so a third-party does all your shipping and handling for you (I’ll give you my best recommendations too)
  • And more…

And just to prove how well this new BLUEPRINT works – I’m going to show you – LIVE! – how it really does work with some real-life projects…

You see, I’ve recorded a series of NEW real-life AI-based selling projects….

These projects show me harnessing the power of AI in powerful and profitable new ways that no-one has seen before.

(These projects alone are worth the entire entry fee I’m asking today!)

First up…

Real-Life AI-Project #1:

You’ll see me start from zero and build a new product and project using AI.

You’ll see me quickly sell 300+ units of this simple product with the help of the ‘AI’! I’ll show what the product is and how I use AI to ‘build it out’ and get it up for sale. This product is now going to be part of a £5K/month online business that I’ll be able to run passively. (What’s more, I’m confident this product will sell for years to come!)

Yes, passive income is an over-used phrase, for sure. And to be fair, there is SOME work involved here (around 15 minutes a day).

But, now this product is up and running, you’ll see how it should run for years to come – yes, generating a near-passive income for me, with someone else doing all the shipping and handling…

…and with AI having done most of the work for me!

You’ll see how I even asked the AI for further product ideas based on the original project – which it gladly gave me, and which I’m now implementing! (I’ll show you all this ‘live’ as it happened!).

You’ll also see how I launched a similar product on Shopify, with sales coming in – all shown ‘live’ on screen once again.

Real-Life AI Project #2

This project show you really how AI has changed the online selling game forever!

I’ll reveal the biggest secret behind WHY AI is such a game-changer….

…and you’ll see how in just 72 hours, I managed to successfully test and sell…

Six NEW products – in just the first week of action!

If you made £250-£500/month from each of those six – passively – then you can see how powerful my AI approach is!

(All shown live on screen with the ACTUAL products I tested – and yes you’ll see sales taking place).

You’ll learn:

  • How to use AI to come up with unique product ideas that will leave your competition in the dust
  • How to FAIL your way to success using the Artificial Intelligence System I’ve developed – and why a failure will cost you about a QUID! (Compare that to most businesses!).
  • Why AI means SPEED – why you can now test dozens of products in days – enabling you to quickly find those that will sell for years to come, generating a passive income for yourself…
  • How I got my first sale in just HOURS using this approach – all shown live on screen – and how AI makes it easy to copy my system for yourself!

Real-Life AI Project #3

A smaller project that shows me using my ‘AutoPersuade AI’ to get the sales copy written for a product that is now selling successfully.

You’ll understand why powerful copy is so powerful – and why AutoPersuade AI now makes it a reality for anyone who uses Next-Generation Seller.

I’ll show you the product in question and how I’m now selling it successful today – with it producing a near passive ‘background’ income!

These three NEW real-life ‘AI’ projects have never been seen before.

And they go together with my  new “The Next Generation Selling BLUEPRINT with AI”.

The best part: these new instructionals come FREE with access to Next-Generation Seller AI.

All you need to do is use my new AI blueprint, along with the tools in Next Generation Seller AI – and you’ll be unstoppable.

I’m confident that within 30 days you’ll have your first product up for sale…and potentially, you’ll have a ‘hit list’ of tons more profitable products that you’ll be able to quickly launch!

You see, Next-Generation Seller enables YOU to replicate ‘ME’ – so you can do what I do, with just the push of a button (without having to spend 20 years of your life learning how I do what I do!).

This is what makes this so remarkably different than anything I’ve done before.

Using Next-Gen Seller you will be able to…

  • Find and identify hot products like I do…in minutes…
  • Write the sales copy to sell those products – like I do…in minutes…
  • Get piles of traffic to your listings, like I do…

You don’t really need much else to launch your own £5K-£10K per month online business!

…a business that sells products on near autopilot, generating a near-passive income for yourself…

…a business that gives you a real sense of joy and satisfaction in your life…

…a business that will finally ensure YOU get a piece of the online sales pie for yourself!

Updates too…

Next Generation Seller AI is an application that you access via a members-only website. On the password-protected website, you will find the application where you’ll be able to access all these powerful AI tools.

(Full videos on exactly how to use them are on the members-only website.)

And here’s the thing…

As artificial intelligence progresses, we’ll also be updating Next Generation Seller AI with new updates.

Just this month we updated it with the ability to find NEW and TRENDING products…as well as other features that tell you how to ‘beat the competition’ in any niche (you’ll love this – it was just updated in January 2024!.

Point is, as the technology develops, updated tools will be added to the site.

But as is stands, right now, it has everything you need to do what I do!

Here’s what you get…

Full access to the ‘Next Generation Seller AI’ website enables you to get access to all new new ‘AI’ tools, plus gives you access to my latest ‘AI Blueprint’, and my latest real-life projects.

You’ll get access to…

  • Product-Hunter AI – enabling you to find the best niche products to sell out of 10 million products on both eBay and Amazon…NEW! Now includes the ability to identify NEW and TRENDING products as well – all by using AI!
  • AutoPersuade AI Description/Sales Copywriter – trained on £5m of my own sales copy, now you too can write online descriptions like I do – in just minutes!
  • AI eBay Listing Builder – build powerful eBay titles that generate unstoppable traffic to your listings…
  • AI Customer-Mind Reader – know your customer better than your competition – this will translate in more powerful products and descriptions that make you competition-proof…
  • AI-USP Builder – make your products stand out by asking the AI to give you unique ideas…
  • AI-Naming Genius – create powerful product names for your item – another powerful sales-generator!
  • AI-Product Sourcing Genius – gives you the best ideas for sourcing any product you want…
  • NEW! AI Product Development Genius – tells you what to sell in any given niche to beat the competition! You’ll love this. You do NOT have to come up with an original idea yourself – the AI will do it all for you!
  • Updated ‘AI tools’ as and when the technology becomes available…

PLUS you’ll get access to…

  • My Next-Generation Seller AI BLUEPRINT – putting it all together into a ‘SYSTEM’ that you can use going forward…to build your own £5K-£10K/month online business…
  • THREE NEW real-life AI projects – all-new, that show you how I personally use ‘AI’ to launch successful projects (filmed ‘live’!)
  • Full video training on using each of the tools in Next-Generation Seller for maximum punch and profits…direct from me, the creator of the tools!

So what’s the price?

Well, imagine having me ‘programmed’ into your PC – willing and able to work 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to help you identify the best products to sell, telling you what to say to those customers to get maximum sales, and then writing your sales copy on demand…

…plus, access to all my latest ‘Next Generation AI’ selling methods, real-life projects and more…

That’s worth a lot.

How much? It’s no exaggeration to say this information and AI tool is worth thousands of pounds (and if actually used properly, it’s arguably worth six-figures.)

Now, I want you to ask yourself what would an ‘average professional’ charge you these days…

£30 an hour? £50 an hour? £100 an hour?

Heck, I was reading how train drivers are now being paid £65K a year; assuming they work around 250 ‘working days’ per year, that comes out to around £260/day.

For driving a vehicle straight down a track

Fact is, even ‘low-level’ professionals these days can charge you £50/hour.

High-level professionals can and do charge multiples of that per hour.

(I have a solicitor friend, for example, who charges over £400/hour).

The good news is that I’m NOT charging a fortune here.

What’s more – I’m going to guarantee your purchase. (More about that in a moment).

The price to access Next-Generation Seller…with all the tools, PLUS the training and real-life projects is just £49 today

That’s less than £50 a month to access the most advanced online selling system out there today. That works out to around £1.60/day…what a lot of people pay for a bacon roll or single cup of coffee on a daily basis…and yet this is like having ‘me’ working for you, at your beck and call, 24-7!

That means you can access the AI ‘Product Finder’…AutoPersuade AI…my eBay AI Title Builder, the ‘AI Customer Mind Reader’, the Product Sourcing AI Genius, PLUS my new ‘AI Blueprint’ and all my NEW AI trainings…for less than you’d pay for a coffee per day.

Is it worth paying £49 a month to effectively have ‘me’ and my online selling prowess, accessible on demand, 24-hours a day?

Giving you the best product ideas of what to sell…writing your sales copy and giving you the best ways to promote your products…?

Of course it is!

What’s more…

You get a full 60-days to check it all out…

That’s right.

If you’re not happy, simply drop us an email to the usual address or call us on 0161-428-1811, and we’ll cancel your access and you can get a full refund of what you’ve paid (at any time up to 60 days from the date you ordered).

After that, you can cancel at any time without penalty, just by letting us know via emailing us or calling the office.

In just a couple of weeks from now…

You can be well on your way to building you own ‘dream’ online business…

…one that works for you, bringing in £100-£300/day whilst you do whatever else you want to do with your life……a business that works for you 24-7, whilst you sleep…

And this isn’t pie-in-the-sky.

This is as real as the screen you’re reading these words on.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you can or can’t write for toffee, or whether you have no idea what product to sell.

None of that matters as the AI will do it all for you – and it does it just like me!

As I mentioned earlier…


In just days from now, you could be well on your way to building your own £100-£300/day online business that works for you – that helps bring in a relatively passive income, selling simple products online.

Now, it’s over to you…

I’m guaranteeing your purchase for 60-days, and I’m excited for you to try out Next-Generation Seller for yourself.

Now you too can experience the thrill and profits that comes from running your own online business.

With the help of AI – this has now become more achievable than it’s ever been before.

Try The Next Generation Seller today…

…and profit from the AI revolution for yourself!


Oliver Goehler

Publisher, Information Mavericks Ltd.

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P.S. All the barriers to online selling success have now been smashed due to the arrival of this new ‘artificial intelligence’ system! You can check it all out today, and you’re protected with my 60-day guarantee.

P.P.S. Please allow up to 48-hours to be granted access after your payment has been received. Thank you.


Oliver Goehler

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Will this work in a recession?

Absolutely – because in a recession, although people stop buying some products, they still buy other products. It’s all just a matter of finding the RIGHT NICHE. That’s where ‘Product Hunter AI’ will come in handy.

For example, in a recession people might buy more products to help them save money on their heating bills (a really simple example). That ‘niche’ will then boom. Again, Product-Hunter AI will steer you into those markets that are BOOMING – regardless of what the economy is doing.

How do I use the AI system?

You login to our members area, and there you’ll find all the AI tools. Each tool has a video tutorial that’s easy to follow.  Through my ‘AI Blueprint’ videos, I’ll tell you how to integrate these AI tools together into an easy three-step SYSTEM anyone can use to build their own £5K-£10K/month online business.

Does this work for eBay, Amazon or other sites?

It will work for eBay, Amazon, other marketplaces and website-selling too. It doesn’t matter what you sell, or where, or whether you have no idea what to sell now. The ‘AI’ does most of the heavy lifting for you – regardless.

What if I’m already selling something – will it help?

Absolutely. There are tools that will help you with product ideas, your sales copy, your market research and understanding your customer -and more.

Even if you sell auction type items, you can still use it to create better product titles and fantastic sales copy! As such, it will pay for itself!

How quickly can I get started?

In minutes! Once you watch my instructional videos, you’ll see how you can realistically get your first products tested in the first 48-hours of using the AI system. It’s that quick.

And it’s down to how fast AI is able to find products, write your descriptions and more besides.

I’ll give you full instructions on EXACTLY how to use everything too!

How often is the site updated?

The product hunter is updated twice per month (the sheer volume of 10m products means it’s not practical to update it every day). That’s enough because, although things move fast online, they don’t move that fast. New products emerge quickly, but not daily. As such, a two-week update period is absolutely fine.

I will also be updating the new site with new AI tools as they become available but clearly that depends on the emergence of any new technology.

How much money do I need to get started with some product ideas?

I’ll show you how to test 10 products for only £2 each – so around £20 will be enough! From there, you should have some ‘winners’ that can potentially run for years to come. Generally speaking, with any new business, I’d recommend at least £500-£1,000 in capital. However, if you follow the steps I outline, the risk will be minimal, as you’ll be able to know IN ADVANCE if your product will sell (using AI – I’ll explain how in the members area).

What if I don’t like it or don’t feel it will be useful?

I don’t see that as very likely. But if you don’t like it – that’s why my guarantee is there. You’ve got 60 days to try it. Not happy? Just let us know and we’ll refund everything you’ve paid. After 60 days, you can also cancel your subscription at any time, just by letting us know. I can’t be much fairer than that. As such, you should try this new AI for yourself.

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