Discover Why We-Dropship Is The Ultimate Dropshipping Service For UK Sellers and Online Entrepreneurs…

Why I Started It, How It Came To Be – And How You Can Profit From It Too…

Dear Dropshipper…

How it all came about:  I started We-Dropship when I realised how FEW really good dropshippers there are here in the UK!

Hi, my name is Oliver…and I’m the founder of We-Dropship.

I want to tell you a bit about how We-Dropship came about…and why I believe it’s a massive game-changer for UK sellers.

There is nothing quite like We-Dropship anywhere else.

And I’ll tell you why in this message today…

Now, as I mentioned in the introduction, this all started when I realised how FEW really good dropshippers there were in the UK.

What’s more, the dropshippers that did exist – often only sold boring and unprofitable products!

(And their prices were too high!).

And here’s something else I realised…

When you sold the dropshippers products – you were building someone else’s brand – not your own…

That meant there was a HUGE gap in the market for a real drop-shipping service, and that’s how We-Dropship was born.

Here at we-dropship, we’ve sold over 100,000 units of our own products – products which you can now dropship for yourself – under your own name!

(In total, we’ve sold over £2.1m of the products YOU can now dropship for yourself).

But here’s the key difference…

At We-Dropship, you’ll be selling our own proven products, but you will be doing so under your own name and brand.

You don’t have to build someone else’s brand, like you do with other dropshipping companies.

You’ll be building your own enduring brand, which you can price and present however YOU like!

And we’ll dropship any orders you get for you.

We take out all the hassle of online selling for you.

Here’s the really important thing…

The KEY is that you’ll brand our products with your ‘own name’.

Now, to be clear, I don’t mean your actual name (although you can do that if you wish).

Rather, you’ll come up with a logo and brand-name, and sell under that name.

If you want to call yourself “AZ Trading” – you can.

If you want to call yourself “Perfect Products” – you can.

It’s entirely up to you. (And we will give you precise instructions on how to come up with a ‘killer’ brand name and logo, in our members area).

The key is that you’ll be branding our existing proven products under YOUR own name.

And, these products will be UNIQUE to you. Because they’ll be under the name you choose – we will not and never will be in direct competition with each other.

No-one else will have your name and logo – so you’ll be able to sell at the price you want. You’ll have complete control – and you’ll be tapping into PROVEN products that we’ve sold over £2.1m worth of already!

The main benefits!

➢ Choose from any of our existing hot-selling products…products that have achieved OVER £2m in sales online! (Yes, these are proven sellers).

➢ NO Inventory required – you only pay AFTER you make a sale!

➢ There is NO shipping to do ever…you never have to leave home, nor go to the post office…ever. We ship all your orders for you – on the same-day (if received by 12pm).

In short…

We do it all for you.

You get all the benefits of selling online – but without any of the usual headaches.

Let me tell you about some example products we’ve sold and which are available to all We-Dropship members.

As I mentioned before – the products available to you are products we’ve already sold £2m of – and we still sell these products right now, today!

These aren’t old duds. They’re current big-sellers that you can sell too.

You can sell these exact same products under your own name (along with many more products we have available for you).


A product we’ve sold over 20,000 units of (8,460 on eBay, as you can see below, and the rest on Amazon). This product alone has banked around £250K.

We are selling it right now and we’ve sold it since 2015.

Your price is as low as £3.95/unit – that includes postage and, of course, we dropship for you.

We currently sell these for £9.95 each.

We’ve been selling this since 2015 (this isn’t a flash-in-the-pan product – rather it’s a multi-year top seller)…and it’s still selling well today!

But here’s the thing…

You can sell the same product for yourself, under your own name – with us dropshipping any and all orders you get from our warehouse.

By the way, although we dropship this for you at £3.95, we still make £1 or so per order.

That means we profit right alongside you.

So here’s how it breaks down…

★ You buy this product at £3.95 from We-Dropship (that INCLUDES postage and we ship it for you – you just tell us where to send it)…

★ You sell for whatever price you want (currently we sell at £9.95)…

★ This product costs us £2.95 – so we also make £1 per sale (£3.95 we charge you, but it costs us £2.95) right alongside you…

You buy at £3.95 and can sell for any price you like (we sell at £9.95) and we’ve sold 8,460 units at that price.

(And yes, we make a bit of money on each order we ship for you as well).

It’s win-win.

And as you sell this product under your own name (not mine), we’re NOT in direct competition with each other either.


We’ve sold over 7,200 units of this next product, just on eBay alone (and about the same amount again on Amazon.)

As you can see from the image below this has been selling since way back in 2015 (and it’s still selling today!).

You’ll pay around £7.95 for this item – that price includes shipping. We sell it currently for £14.95 and some days sell over £100 worth of just this one item. Note this product, and the others available, are NOT ‘has-beens’. We are still actively selling them today.

Once again, we will make a bit of money on each item you sell – but you’ll take the lion’s share of the profits.

This item is an ever-green item that has been selling for 7+ years. You can sell the same thing for yourself…on a dropship basis…under your own name.

NO need to develop your own product…or ever go to the post office when you get orders!


This is an Amazon product that we only launched recently. We’re already making around 50 sales a week – which is a good start!

Once again, we can ship your orders for you.

If you want to sell on Amazon, we can also ship your orders/products direct to the FBA warehouse – meaning once again, it is all ‘done for you’!

OK, so those are some real examples…and it’s important to realise: our products are still selling right now. They’re not old rubbish that no longer sells. These are saleable items.

In total, we’ve sold over £2.1m worth of these self-same products!

Now, let me get a bit more specific on how this works.

Firstly – how many products are available for you to sell with this ‘Partnership’?

I have a ‘winning bank’ of 53 products that I sell. These are proven sellers – many of which have been selling for years.

You can sell the exact same products – products I’ve sold £2.1m of – for yourself.

This is a good number of products. You don’t have to sell them ALL of course – in fact, I recommend you concentrate on a handful and progress from there.

And, as I mentioned before – we’ll BOTH profit.

You’ll take the lion’s share of the profit. But I’ll profit too – as I make a small amount on each sale that YOU make.

Can you see how powerful this is?

Everyone profits – which is the best kind of business relationship there is.

(We make a bit on each sale, but you take the majority).

What do our existing dropshipping partners have to say about our service?

Here’s what some of them are saying…

From a professional seller…

“…your product recommendations under your dropship program have been fantastic. I’ve sold £512,873.09 worth of your products so far (and still counting). What’s more, I still don’t have an office. I’m running my business from home. Do I recommend this? Absolutely. There is nothing else like this in the UK and it has my highest recommendation.”

– Steven Reeves, Amazon seller


“I now buy all my products from We-Dropship, and even though my business is relatively new and I only have a few product lines on ebay at this moment, I have managed to do just over 356 ebay transactions with sales over £5k, so as my stock inventory grows, so will the sales. My business has now progressed onto Amazon and this would never have been achievable if I hadn’t stumbled across this idea. Thanks to the team.”

– Steve Guest, eBay Seller

Full training suite provided too…

In the members area of We-Dropship, you also get access to our full training suite.

For example – what’s the best way to create a title for your listing, if you want to sell these products on eBay? What about pricing your products? If you want to sell on Amazon, what keywords should you use? And so on.

You will get access to our training courses…at no extra cost. They are included as part and parcel of being a member.

These are the self-same secrets we’ve used to turn these EXACT same products into millions of pounds in sales.

Full Sales Copy Provided Too!

How about the all-important descriptions to sell the products? We include those too. You can use our proven templates.

As a member of We-Dropship, you get this as part of the deal.

You can use our proven sales copy to sell your products under your own name.

You can also use services like ChatGPT and (more details in the members area on these – and they are free if used correctly) to create your own powerful descriptions.

Here’s what We-Dropship offers you…

-You can profit by selling our proven catalog of 53 different products that we’ve sold over £2.1m worth of! You’ll just sell them under the name of your choice..

– We dropship ALL your orders for you – you NEVER have to leave home! (All you need to do is send us your orders each day, and we ship them for you…that’s your ‘work’ done!)

You can even use our sales templates to sell the products.

– You get a full suite of training videos that tell you the best ways to promote your products…as part of your membership.

What’s more…

You can trial it ALL out…for 60 days…risk-free…

That’s right…

Try We-Dropship for yourself.

You can test it for yourself for 60 days and see how you get on. Try some of the products…test out our drop-shipping service for yourself.

For a full two months.

Not happy…for any reason? Let us know within 60 days of ordering and we’ll refund all your charges in full (that will be two monthly payments for your membership – refunded in full).

We just ask that you let us know within 60 days of the date you purchased your membership.

This is extremely fair (perhaps too fair!) and we know of no other drop-shipping service offering this. That’s how confident we are!

You can also CANCEL at any time…without penalty…

There are NO contracts with We-Dropship. You can pull out and cancel at any time – without penalties.

You can simply cancel your standing order with your bank. Or, if paying by PayPal, cancel the subscription. If you’re paying by standard credit card, just drop us an email and we’ll cancel your subscription.

There are NO lock-in periods or commitments.

Here’s the bottom-line…

  • You don’t need to come up with an original product idea – just copy my own products, tested over years and PROVEN to sell (to the tune of £2.1M+ in sales…and counting).
  • You don’t need to trudge to the post office each day with your parcels – we do all the shipping for you…
  • You don’t need to write sizzling sales copy, or spend years learning how to do that (as I did) – just copy mine.
  • And…you can get started within days (and your investment is protected with my 60-day guarantee.)

So what’s the price?

As low as £87/month as an introductory price. (If you pay by standing order).

Our bank standing order price is the lowest we’ll ever offer, and it’s cheaper than paying by card (as we save the credit card charges each month).

Alternatively, you can pay by credit card or PayPal for £97/month.

PLATINUM Option now also available…

There is also a PLATINUM option now available.

This is the same as the standard membership – but you also get…

  • We create your first product images and photographs/renders for you – saving you the hassle, and ensuring you get World-class quality to start your brand…
  • You get a private contact (concierge) to help you with any issues you might have…
  • And – this is key – you’ll also get twice-monthly calls with a 7-figure coach. This is someone who will coach you on getting up and running, and who’s achieved well over 7-figures in sales from their own online business. He will be there to advise you, look over your brand and product choice, and give you the best possible chance of success.

The price for the Platinum Program is £297/month, or £277 if paying by bank standing order.

Again, this gets you access to all my 53 products that I sold over £633K worth of last year…and all the other benefits of being a ‘Partner’.

It’s like having an entire ‘plug-in’ business, with support staff who will ship your products – for LESS than the price of a storage unit per month!

Really, you should think of this ‘fee’ as having a kind of virtual employee of your own.

And where else can you get that for a hundred quid or so per month? This fee is peanuts given what you’re able to access here. A ‘part-time’ virtual assistant from or somewhere would cost you more than this…

And yet you’re getting access to a proven multi-million pound catalog of products…the World-class sales copy to sell them – and WE dropship all your orders for you – for the price of what you’d pay a virtual assistant to answer some emails for you each month.

You can get started today with what I believe is the best dropshipping opportunity ever invented.

And all for the price of a monthly storage unit at one of those fashionable ‘Big Storage’ type places…

So let’s wrap this up…

We-Dropship is the ultimate solution for online sellers.

There is NOTHING else like this – anywhere in the world right now.

The products you’ll have access to are top sellers…..not old products that no longer sell.

You’ll be able to put your own name on these products, meaning they will be unique and individual to you.

Additionally, you are free to use our powerful sales copy to sell these hot products.

And, of course, we ship all your orders for you.

We handle the heavy-lifting here…so you don’t have to.

Yes, you can run this as a totally hands-off, remote ‘part-time’ business that takes up just minutes of your time each day.

Can you see the power of this?

This is an opportunity that can be run from anywhere in the World, without ever leaving home.

It can be run just as easily from a beach or a spare bedroom.

Imagine yourself now – finally getting your own online business going…where everything is drop-shipped for you…where you don’t need masses of stock…where you don’t need to come up with any product ideas yourself…products that have been proven to sell to the tune of £2m+…

We-Dropship offers you a proven catalog of products to sell under your own name.

And yet your investment is as low as £87 today…and it’s fully protected by our 60-day guarantee too!

That means you can try this out for yourself…with very little risk.

You can ‘have a go’ and see how you get on…knowing that the whole time you’re protected with my two-month guarantee.

Fair enough?

Try We-Dropship today!

So, don’t dally. If you’re interested, subscribe today – just hit the button below and choose which option you prefer…


Oliver Goehler

Founder, We-Dropship

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