“The New Strategic eBay Selling Secret Behind My £43,301.89 Per Month eBay Business!”

From Oliver Goehler – The ORIGINAL ‘Auction Kommando’!

Dear Customer,

Last month, I banked £43,301.89 on eBay.

Keep reading, because I’m going to tell you how you can copy my unique approach to eBay for yourself – to build your own online selling machine that can change your life forever.

And you thought eBay was ‘dead’!?

As I’ll prove to you in this letter today – it’s anything but!

I don’t care whether you’re new to this, or a grizzled veteran with a decade of experience under your belt…

Because what I’m writing about today is potentially life-changing.

Whether you want to build a £1K a month eBay business – or one doing closer to £50K per month like mine – take a moment to read this letter today.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘can I still make money on eBay’ – this letter is going to answer that question. And just possibly –  what I’m writing about today really could change your life forever.

And let me start by talking about…

The evolution of eBay…

It all started with auctions.

You and I both know that there was money to be made on eBay selling, well – anything! Heck, there was a time when you could put your old boots up for sale and make money.

eBay was the flea market we all know and loved (and used).

Then, things got serious…

eBay evolved into a shopping site, and it quickly became a serious player in the e-commerce space. You would ‘Buy It Now’ everything from beauty creams to BBQs.

Entrepreneurs flocked to the site, selling all sorts of ‘doo-hickeys’ (many imported from China). Stick up something HOT…and watch it sell!

Then what happened?

The competition flooded in, that’s what!

With millions of pounds changing hands every day – the market got flooded with sellers, selling everything from broom handles to BBQs.

And it got worse for eBay sellers – because Amazon arrived – taking lumps out of eBay’s business model!

Online sellers flocked to other ways to sell…including Amazon, Facebook and their own websites.

Yet through all this – eBay is STILL here.

And can you believe it? Next year, eBay will be 25 years old!

And here’s the interesting thing…


  • eBay STILL gets 22 million visitors per month (and is the 12th most popular website in any category in the UK)


  • Around 1/3 of the UK population still buys on eBay!


  • Over 1,000 businesses sell over £1M per year on eBay.co.uk


  • Around 30,000 businesses make a regular monthly income using eBay…


  • And over £10 BILLION is still spent on eBay…every year…right here in the UK…

Millions of people go to eBay every month – and they go with their wallets out, ready to buy!

There’s no doubt there’s still money to be made on eBay!

But the question is…

How on earth do you do it in this day and age?

You’ll see current (and former) eBay sellers scratching their heads, wondering how on earth they can make big money in 2019.

They see the invasion of the Chinese, low prices everywhere, and every man and his dog selling everything.

They see Amazon taking over.

And they wonder whether you really CAN still ‘make money on eBay’…or whether they should just give up entirely.

Fortunately, I know better…

In fact, the system I’m using right now to sell on eBay is bringing me in almost £10K a WEEK – and on near auto-pilot.

Just on eBay.co.uk.

Here’s some proof of what I mean…

This is ONE eBay account I’m currently running – you can see the data from March 2019…



And here’s another account I’m running….this is from April…


Fact is, last month alone I banked £43,301.89 using my eBay system. Today, I’m going to tell you how to copy my system for yourself. This year I’m already over £150K – and it’s only April as I’m writing this now!

Here’s the secret to the whole thing…

Here’s what I’ve discovered: if you want to make money on eBay in 2019 – in today’s competitive online marketplace – you can’t just sell anything.

You can’t be tactical.

Actually, the secret is simple.

To profit wildly in 2019 on eBay…

You must become a strategic seller!

A ‘strategic’ seller is a seller who has a strategy for selling.

A ‘strategic’ eBay seller thinks differently than the average seller.

And they do differently.

Let me give you some of the important principles now that illustrate what I mean when I talk about becoming a Strategic eBay Seller.

These are the principles to live by if you want to become a successful Strategic eBay Seller.

Strategic eBay Selling Principle 1:

Principle 1 is my over-riding principle, and the real key to making serious money on eBay in 2019.

And it’s simply this: if you want to profit on eBay today, you must find a way ADD VALUE.

I don’t have enough space to tell you the full details of this principle here. Suffice to say: MOST sellers simply sell the same thing, in the same way – as every other seller!

This way, you’re not adding value at all. You’re just copying.

As such, you’ve added nothing of value to the marketplace.

If you want to make serious money on eBay, you must find a way to ADD VALUE.

Fortunately, this isn’t at all difficult…

I’ve developed 17 (yes 17!) ways to do ‘add value’ to the eBay marketplace – strategically.

Once you start to ‘add value’ – and I’ll show you how – you’ll automatically become more successful. Any product you launch that ‘adds value’ has a MASSIVELY increased chance of success, and of banking £100-£1,000 per day.

A ‘Strategic’ eBay seller always looks to add value to the marketplace.

And when they do – they make serious money, no matter how ‘competitive’ the market is!

Strategic eBay Selling Principle 2:

Riding hot on the heels of my First Principle comes this second principle.

A Strategic eBay Seller never sells something that can be easily copied by another seller.

Let’s say you see a wonderful ‘doo-hickey’ that you can source in China. It’s a really simple product. You buy some in. They sell like hotcakes. Great!

The problem is: once you start to sell that, assuming it takes off, you will be copied into oblivion.

That’s why – a Strategic eBay Seller always sell something that’s hard to copy.

If you do that, your business and product can run for years on auto-pilot, depositing cold, hard cash into your bank account day-in, day-out, without a care in the World.

For example, I have one product in my portfolio right now that I’ve been selling every day for the last 3+ years.

It brings me in around £2,209 per month, on average. Not a fortune, but it’s VERY consistent. And the reason it’s lasted, and will probably continue to last for 5, 10 or more years? Because it’s hard to copy!

If you want a business that puts regular cash in your bank – find, source and sell products that are hard for other people to copy.

A Strategic eBay Seller never sells something that can be easily copied!

Strategic eBay Selling Principle 3L:


One of the keys to selling on eBay – or any place online – is to get to the top of the search/product listings. Why is this so important for making HUGE sales?

Think of your own experience…

You RARELY look past the bottom of page 1 when you are searching for something to buy.

And chances are, you look most closely at the top 5 results.

That’s why it’s SO, SO important to get your product to the top of its category.

Nothing less than the top is what you should be aiming for.

And how do you do that?

How do you get YOUR product to the top…if there are 1,000 other sellers?

One of the biggest keys is being FIRST in that category. Be the first to launch in a new niche, and you’ll have a MUCH greater chance of ‘owning’ that category. And once you do – it’s VERY hard for someone to dis-lodge you.

And that can mean a continuous stream of profits…for years on end.

If you were the FIRST person to start selling iPhone cases, for example, you’d now be virtually impossible to dis-lodge.

But the key is – being first.

I’ve developed some ‘secret keys’ to being first in a market. When you’re first – it’s a LOT easier to make money on eBay.

Strategic eBay sellers always aim to be FIRST!

Strategic eBay Selling Principle 4:



Look – I will freely admit to you that around 60% of the products I try to sell on eBay (that’s more than half!) FAIL!

But 40% win.

And often, they win big.

A ‘winner’ might bring in £1,500 or even £15,000 per MONTH. Yes, on auto-pilot.

Why, and how?

Because I’m always TESTING new products.

Two months ago, for example, I tested a new product that now brings me in around £700 per DAY. (Around half of that is pure profit). If I’d never tested that product – I’d never have made that kind of money.

The key to being a Strategic eBay Seller – someone who makes SERIOUS money is – always-be-testing new products.

If you can just test a few new products each week, you MASSIVELY increase your chance of having a monster success that lifts your business career to undreamed-of heights.


As I’ve hinted at with these four principles, my Strategic Approach to eBay is nothing like what most other eBay sellers do are doing now.

Most eBay sellers are simply using the same old, tried methods that worked back in 2009…but which are no longer effective in 2019!

That’s a large part of the reason why I’m banking £43K per MONTH, whilst most eBay sellers are lucky to do that per year.

Fact is, over the last few years I’ve refined and developed my eBay selling skills into a fully-integrated, holistic blueprint SYSTEM for funnelling truck loads of money out of the eBay marketplace…right here in the UK.

It’s this system that I’m using RIGHT NOW to bank £43K per month.

I believe anyone who has some ‘get up and go’ can learn how to do something similar themselves.

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is just £1K a month, £5K a month, or £10K a month…or more…then I know this is the blueprint that can help get you there.

I call it…

The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur System.

And there is no more powerful training on the planet IF you want to make serious money on eBay – right here in 2019 and beyond!

This new training is really ‘THE FUTURE’ for anyone looking to make a fortune on eBay right now and going forward. It contains all the knowledge I’ve amassed to demolish my competition, take over a market, and deposit £10K+ a week into my PayPal account.

Whether YOU want to build a £1K, £5K, £10K, or £50K per month eBay business – my training is the absolute best eBay training in the World to help you get there.

So let me tell you now what The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur is all about – and how it can set you on the path towards your own life-changing eBay business….

Here’s what I’ve lined up for you!

The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur training is spread across three modules.

In Module 1, you get the main New Strategic Entrepreneur training on five DVDs.

This reveals my blueprint system for going from ZERO…to £50K/month on eBay in today’s NEW marketplace!

As mentioned – you can’t use the same old methods anymore. You can’t sell ‘anything’. You have to think and do differently than the vast majority of sellers – and I’m going to tell you exactly HOW.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do £50K a month, £5K a month, or £500/month. This information is for anyone who wants to build a small or large eBay business that can change your life forever.

I’ll show you how my system breaks down into four component parts:


  1. Strategic PRODUCT SELECTION. This is KEY. Without the right product…you WILL fail! Get the right product, and it’s EASY! I’ll show you how. 23 ways!


  • Strategic SOURCING. Once you’ve identified products that meet my criteria – what next? I’ll show you how to source ANYTHING using my methods, using what I call Strategic Sourcing.


  • Strategic PROMOTION. You’ve got the product. Now, how do you make sure you WIN the market, and take the lion’s share of the profits for yourself? Again, I’ll show you how in the next module. You’ll learn my devilishly effective Strategic Promotional Methods that will leave your competition wondering how on earth you’ve taken over a market – AGAIN!


  • Strategic TESTING. How to test and test some more to optimise the money you’re making. Get ready to double your profits!

Everything I know about bringing in £10K+/week on eBay right here in 2019 is revealed in this first module.

You’ll see how my system breaks down into these four simple parts. Follow them, and you too will be able to quickly test, launch and profit from products that can make you big money on eBay.

The whole module is illustrated by REAL-LIFE examples from my own and other people’s products. You’ll see very clearly why so many people who try to sell on eBay make peanuts…whereas others (like me) go onto make fortunes.

Here’s a sample of what else you’ll learn:


  • How I banked £71,298.47 from one single product using one of my favourite techniques for selling a product continuously (on autopilot). I’ll show you the product and WHY this ‘technique’ can work in most markets!


  • How varying your titles can garner a 1534% INCREASE in sales – yes, I’ll give you a practical example from my own files. This is shocking and enlightening. You’ll never look at listing your products in the same way again!


  • How to test products with ZERO money down – yes, you’ll be able to determine winning products in advance, with shelling out any capital. This is HUGE, as enables ANYONE to ‘have a go’ with ZERO money down!


  • How to annihilate your competition using my ****-**** variation model. This is something I’ve invented. It is, quite simply, devastating! And the best part is your competitors will have ZERO idea how and why it works. I’ll explain all, and give you REAL examples from my own listings!


  • How to use simple shifts in product packaging to wipe the floor with your competitors. Again, you’ll see real examples. You don’t need to ‘invent’ a new product. You can re-format, re-package and profit, and laugh all the way to the bank!


  • How to find UNDER-SERVED markets – markets and products where there is hardly any competition. I’ll give you a run-through (‘live’ on screen) on my methods to do this. Using it, you’ll be able to find markets few people have yet discovered – and make money as a result!


  • THIS kind of product is one of the most perfect products to sell online in 2019…and yet no other ‘guru’ I’ve heard about has ever discussed it. This ‘type’ of product is impervious to Chinese competition (and most UK  competition). I’ve banked over £51K selling these kinds of items – already!


  • How to reverse the game on Chinese sellers – you’ll see how to copy them (again with a real-life example) and take the spoils for yourself instead. But you must do it correctly. You’ll learn how!


  • The REAL way to import from China. I use this, as do most top sellers who are in the know. This secret will be fully revealed on DVD 3. Using it, you can reasonably expect 50% OFF Alibaba prices! Alibaba is for amateur sellers!


  • A ‘trick’ I discovered in Hong Kong two years ago. An American importer taught me this, and it’s an important KEY that big pros use to import – I’ll reveal all on DVD 3!


  • How to find dozens of PERFECT products to sell using my system! Never again will you have to worry about an idea for what to sell. In fact, you NEVER need to ‘invent’ or ‘innovate’ if you don’t want to. I’ll show you how to find endless products (in several separate and distinct ways)


  • How using NON-eBay sites is a really smart way to find products to sell – the sites to use, and how I do it, step-by-step!


  • An amazing trick I use (and I’ve never heard anyone else discuss this) to find BREAKTHROUGH products. These are trending items that are taking off, which can make you a fast fortune IF you jump on board early. How to find them? Steal my favourite tactic for yourself!


  • Strategic sourcing! I’ll walk you, step-by-step, how I source products. It’s EASY if you know how. Included: my favourite way to find A1 suppliers (that hardly any other eBayer uses)


  • Why you probably SHOULD use an ‘agent’ if you import from China…and how to get one who will sell you products WAY below what you can buy from Alibaba!


  • My favourite secrets to strategically promote your products. Use my strategic promotion methods, and you’ll leapfrog your competitors (this is almost unfair, but totally fair game!), taking over markets and creating an auto-pilot weekly income stream for yourself!


  • 7 ‘competitor-crushing’ strategic promotion methods I use…and how to copy me to make the MOST money possible from your chosen market!


  • How I launch NEW products…including one technique I’ve never heard anyone else discuss. This can mean the difference between profit…and loss!


  • How to test new product ideas…for NOTHING! This means you can start using my system with virtually no money…you won’t need to pay a penny for ANY stock. Only proceed IF your product works! I’ll show you exactly how I do this, and how you can do the same.


  • And lots more!

And this is just the first module of The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur.

There’s plenty more!

You see, although Module 1 is intensely practical – referring, as it does, to so many examples from my own personal project files – I want more ‘case-study’ examples for you to really see how I do what I do.

That’s why, in Module 2, we’ll be looking at five of my own real-life projects!

These are projects that collectively have brought in well into six-figures on eBay, from right here in the UK.

And I’m going to tell you everything behind each of these winners.

They range from small projects that bring in £50/day, right up to ‘Big Daddys’ that are bringing in £500/day (and more!). All these are for different products, in different niches. So you can see for yourself that my methods are applicable to pretty much any niche.

Here’s some more details on each of these projects. I’ll be revealing ALL for each of these, and it’s tremendously inspiring and exciting stuff!

REAL-LIFE PROJECT 1 – Fully revealed!:

This is my recent project, and it’s running right now at the rate of around £710/day in sales! I filmed this ‘live’ as I started from SCRATCH, showing you everything (niche and product and the listing even!).

Best part: it only took me THREE WEEKS to go from zero to £500/day.

And by the way – a full 50% of that is pure profit. And yes…this is just ONE product.

What you’ll find amazing here is how QUICKLY this can happen.

eBay has HUGE traffic still, and with the right product at the right time…there’s serious money to be made!

Sounds impossible, I know, but it’s absolutely NOT – if you know my secret methods!

You’ll see exactly what the product is, how I’m selling it, and what I’m making.

Don’t miss this – your eyes are about to be truly OPENED! I’ll be walking you through the whole thing from A-Z…so you can do something similar for yourself, once you become a ‘Strategic eBay Entrepreneur’!

REAL-LIFE PROJECT 2 – Fully Revealed!:

This smaller project went from scratch to £100/day. Not a fortune, but it’s ticking over nicely, and it’s not difficult to manage.

Once again, you’ll see me start from scratch, identify the market, and then launch the product. You’ll see sales start to come in!

You’ll see how I expect this item to sell for YEARS to come….making a monthly income for years on auto-pilot That’s the power of choosing the right products, using my Strategic system.

You can literally set it up ONCE…then cream off an income from that products for years to come (IF you know how!).

Again, you’ll get the FULL details here…the product, the market and niche, the listing…the works!

REAL-LIFE PROJECT 3 – Fully Revealed!:


This one went from scratch to over £1,500/day! And again…that happened in only a few weeks.

To your average eBayer, this sounds impossible.

But the proof is here, right for you to see. As clear as daylight.

It’s all ‘live’ on tape! You’ll have no doubts that this is absolutely possible. Especially when you know HOW!

Look – certainly not every project I launch gets to £1,500 per day like this one. But it’s entirely possible once again…if you follow my ‘strategic’ methods!

You’ll love this one!

Once again, the product, niche and the whole shebang is handed to you, so you’ll understand how I do what I do…so you can do the same!

REAL-LIFE PROJECT 4 – Fully Revealed!:

Back to a smaller project for this next DVD.

This one was a small-tester that sold within a few days of launch. Quite frankly, it only has the potential to sell around £1,000 per month – but for some people, that’s ideal.

This really simple product and really simple project shows that my ‘methods’ work on a small- or large-scale.

Once again, you’ll see what the product is, how I found it, how to source it…everything you need to do something similar for yourself!

And once again, you’ll be inspired and motivated to go out and do something similar for yourself!


For the final DVD, I actually compiled together two projects into one disc.

First up, you’ll see, for example how I got to the NUMBER ONE position for arguably THE most popular keyword on the whole of eBay!

Yes, there are 385,843 competing products in this niche.

Yet I was able to get to number one.

Sales are terrific, bagging me a very tidy monthly income on virtual auto-pilot.


Against almost 400,000 other products/listings/sellers.


(That’s what my strategic methods do!)

I’ll tell you everything once again – you’ll see the product, how I chose it and how you could do the same.

You’ll also learn about a smaller project (for a product) I sourced from Germany that brings in around £730 per month (takes about 1 hour a week). It’s not that difficult to do something like this project for yourself – but you will have to THINK DIFFERENTLY than the average eBayer.

In short, once again, you’ll have to think strategically – which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of how most eBayers operate!



With this module, once you’re done with it, you’ll be insanely motivated to get up and running and you’ll fully realise (intimately) how my methods are so different, yet so insanely effective, compared with anything else out there.

You’ll understand why my Strategic Selling System is so damn powerful, how it enables you to demolish competition, or launch a new product that can quickly bank anything from £100 – £1,500 per DAY (based on REAL results that you’ll see before your very eyes!).

You’ll know how any why it’s possible to bank £1K-£2k/day on eBay – or more – when you think strategically. And you will know beyond any doubt how to suck out £2K, £5K, or £10K a month PROFIT from eBay.

In short, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to create your own life-changing income using eBay, right here in 2019, a time when most other people are scratching their heads!

But there’s another module still!

In Module 1, I’m going to hand you my blueprint ‘Playbook’ for bringing in £40K+ per month on eBay.

In Module 2, I put my money where my mouth is, and show you LIVE how it’s done, with my real-life projects!

And in Module 3 – the final module in the training – I’m going to hand you a veritable potpourri of hot product ideas and niches that you can start to use right away, based on my breakthrough Strategic methods.

This module is where the rubber meets the road, where the steak really starts to sizzle, where you’ll launch your business in quick-time, based on my methods.

In short, I’ve lined up a host of hot opportunities, that are ‘ready-to-go’, and that YOU can pick up and get working and profiting with from the get-go.

The niches vary, but there’s a common thread that runs throughout this treasury: all these projects are ones that I’d PERSONALLY action…if I wasn’t already running my own £43K/month eBay business!

Instead, I’m handing them to YOU…to pick up and run with.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve lined up for you:


  • The ‘wide-open’ market for THIS particular kind of product (my favourite)…a product type where I’ve been able to bank over £1,000+ per day with the RIGHT product. I’ll outline FIVE different products for you to copy in this market (so you can do the same)…and you can get started by sourcing from the UK in just days from now!


  • £300 a week from chickens? A super simple, super niche product that absolutely anyone can do…starting in just a few days. This seller is a ‘weak’ seller who is seeing success (a great one to compete with!) – you can do what he’s doing, and take this money for yourself!


  • £109K from ONE listing? This one isn’t for everyone, but I’ll tell you how they do it – and how you can copy them (strategically). If you want a really big, potentially life-changing opportunity…this is the one to go for!


  • A product that only a few have cottoned onto…where the existing top-seller is EXPOSED! Use my ‘Strategic-Value-Added’ methods and you’ll be able to obliterate them. I’ve done it before, and I’ll show you how to do the same! This is a really simple £1K/month project YOU can do.


  • A product you can sell which will still be selling 25 years from now. Set this up and do it right – and I’ll tell you how – and you can potentially make money off it for years to come! (on practical autopilot).


  • This product is part of a huge, tidal-wave like trend you’ve probably seen in the news…yet no-one has discovered this ‘niche-within-a-niche’ yet. The market is practically every woman in the UK – and you can be the first! Get on this now and build your own auto-pilot eBay income stream!


  • A simple little project that anyone can start for £30…and build up to a nice part-time income. This niche product is one where there’s minimal competition. Your stock will arrive in around a week, and you can be in business immediately!


  • Buy for 91p, sell for £6.99? Doesn’t sound like much, but what if you did it hundreds of times? This seller is doing it. I’ll tell you where to buy the EXACT same thing, and how you can beat them once you use my Strategic Methods!


  • Get started today for £50 –  in a niche that’s sold over £40K for one seller? Yes, this seller has banked tens of thousands of pounds in this niche. I’ll tell you how to copy what they are doing…once again, using my Strategic Methods!

These opportunities are low risk, and don’t require much money to start. In fact, you can get started for £30 with some of them.

What’s more, I’ll show you how to get started with NOTHING! Yes, nothing! It all revolves around my unique, powerful and proven Strategic Testing regime. I’ll reveal all. Once you understand this, you’ll have the ability to test and make money with eBay products for the rest of your life!

Once you’ve been through this final module, you’ll be massively motivated to get started ‘ASAP’! You’ll see how my methods all tie together, into one fully integrated ‘holistic system’ that is unstoppable once you put it into action.

Remarkably, there’s STILL more!

But there’s still more to The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur training.

Because you’ll also get access to my new StrategyBay.co.uk website. This site hands you on-going product ideas. This means you’ll NEVER be short of ideas of what to sell, based on my methods.

Just login to the site…and you’ll get the latest list of what’s good to go, based on my system!

All you need to do is click a few buttons, and you’ll be taken to IDEAL products and niches to get involved with, based on my system.

You get LIFETIME access…no further on-going fees…ever!

You also get on-going, free consultations with me…any time, for life. Simply email me on the email address given in the pack. This goes beyond simple questions…for example, if you need advice for a product source, chances are – I can help. If you need a product, heck, I might even be able to source it for you!

This added extra is included as part of the package too!

But – here’s the bad news!

OK, so I’ve told you about my new Strategic system, and how and why I think this is so powerful.

I seriously believe my approach is the BEST way to do bring in serious money on eBay in 2019. My system is complete, it works and it can work for anyone who has the desire and get up and go.

But here’s the thing…

Although I can give you the entire blueprint for my £43K/month eBay system, but let me be very clear about something here:

I do NOT believe my system is for everyone.

And, I do mean that.

Firstly, this isn’t one of those opportunities where you just click your mouse and money arrives (if such a thing even exists!).

And this isn’t some deal where you NEVER work.

This isn’t some deal where you don’t lift a finger.

As you’ll see in the training, this is all about building a real business and must be treated seriously. And yes – you will have to do something! You’ll have to get your head down and put what I show you into action.

If you’re someone who wants to have everything done for them…and won’t lift a finger…this isn’t for you.

You see, I’ll be showing you how to run a real business here. This is how it works in the real World, and so I don’t want the kind of people who just want to sit in their underwear and have it all handed to them.

My system is a real business and must be treated seriously.

It involves effort and persistence. Why? Because this is all about building a real business that can run for years and change your life. As such, it requires you to ‘do your share’.

If you understand that…then great. I’ll happily show you how to build your own life-changing eBay business based on my Strategic system.

If not, then my system and this training isn’t for you.

So let’s round this up…

Here’s everything you get in The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you exactly what you’re getting here today with my brand-new training, The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur…


  • The 5-DVD ‘Core Training’ revealing my complete system to go from scratch to £5K, £10K, or even £40K per month (like I do) – on eBay, right here in 2019! This Strategic Entrepreneur training is like nothing that’s come before it!


  • The 5-DVD ‘Real-Life Project Case Study’ Training Module – revealing FIVE real-life projects, showing you how I do what I do, taking products from scratch to £500, or even £1,000+ per day – in just WEEKS! These five DVDs will inspire and motivate the heck out of you!


  • The 5-DVD ‘eBay Projects YOU Can Copy’ Module – revealing my hand-picked best projects, that anyone can pick up and start to use (based on my Strategic Entrepreneur methods). Pick one, two, three or more and launch your eBay business NOW!


  • THREE ride-along workbooks that complement the course


  • The StrategyBay.co.uk website access (lifetime) that will let you see what products to sell – now and going forward into the future


  • Your access to ‘me’, via email, including for product sourcing help and more – for LIFE!

It’s a HUGE package, packed handsomely in slipcases…and something I know you’ll refer back to for years to come!

Here’s the end result!

Once you get the New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur training in your hands, you’ll have everything you need to build a powerful, auto-pilot monthly income stream – using good old eBay!

Once you dive in, your eyes will be well and truly opened. Your motivation will explode. You will delight at the power of the opportunity in front of you, as it dawns on you that THIS is the ‘killer opportunity’ to build the online business you really want!

You’ll know that you can quickly get started and that there are NO barriers to doing this! You’ll know that this is open to YOU right now, and you can start within days, working on that business that can create a monthly income on near autopilot.

And once you see how I do this – and you’ll see real examples of me doing it – your confidence will rise, and any mistaken beliefs that this isn’t possible will be demolished, replaced with a wonderful realisation that YOU can do this too!

You’ll realise, yes…

This really IS possible!

You’ll know YOU can build your own life-changing eBay business…still…right here in 2019 – using these secret Strategic methods!

And from there – you’ll start to grow your own £1K, £5K, £10, or £40K/month eBay business!

It’s all possible when you USE this training for yourself!

So what’s the price for this new training?

The price of The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur training is £997.

But here’s the good news…

As a previous customer of mine, you’ll automatically get a whopping 40+% OFF that price.

You pay just £597 for everything.

What’s more – you can pay in THREE parts.

So you’ll pay just £199 today…with a further payment of £199 in 30 days’ time, and a final payment of £199, 60 days from now.

That means you can kick-off your eBay career in a BIG way today…for less than £200! You’re basically getting a blueprint for building a £40K+ per month eBay business here…for the price of a return flight to Europe.

I mean, it’s crazy to me…that someone is going to give you their blueprint-playbook that brings in £40K/month…for this kind of money.

Heck, I’ve got ONE project currently that, one some days, brings in more than the ENTIRE cost of this course…in just a single day.

My daily sales are frequently 2 or even 3 times the price of this entire training.

And if you get just 1 or 2 ‘good’ projects going, that money is going to come back to you (many times over), and in quick time.

Heck, even an ‘OK’ project can bring in £100/day. Once you get just one project going like that – and I’m going to show you how – the investment in this training is going to come back to you at warp speed.

It’s madness!

This knowledge is the result of the last four years of hard-won experience on eBay, selling millions of pounds of products on the site in that time.

Can you imagine any serious business person offering you a blueprint like this, of their hard-won knowledge…for less than a holiday to Tenerife?

You’re going to be learning exactly what I do every day to bring in £10K a week just on eBay alone.

I honestly believe you could get an ‘MBA’ from a top business school, and it wouldn’t come close to the ‘online selling knowledge’ you’ll get from my training.

Nowhere close!

And guess what? For that MBA you’d likely pay around £25K!

Heck, I recently saw a personal trainer advertising a 6-week course that helps you ‘lose weight and get fit’…and it almost costs as much as my entire training!

And I saw another course to ‘learn bricklaying’. Can you guess? £350! To learn how to put a straight brick on cement.

My point isn’t to knock these courses – far from it. It’s just that quality training of ANY kind costs money.

And this is no different. In fact, when I look at the price, I know I’m UNDER-charging here (and I’m being deadly serious about that – I could EASILY double or triple the price).

As such, to be able to get started today for less than £200 is a real bargain IF you’re serious about your eBay selling!

My training is potentially life-changing, and the value is immense.

What’s more…

It’s fully guaranteed too!

And yes…you get a full guarantee with The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur.

In short, if you don’t want to keep the course – for any reason at all – simply send it back to us. We’ll refund you in full. No questions, no hassle, no funny business. You get a full 60-days to try it for yourself…to test the strategies for yourself…to put it into action.

But if you’re not happy, for any reason at all?

Just return it within 60 days…and we’ll refund you in full, and cancel any further payments. Can I be any fairer than that? You know us by now and you know this guarantee is iron-clad. If you want your money back…you’ll get it back!

So here’s how to try it for yourself!

Simply click the ‘Try It Now’ button below and pay with your credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can use PayPal if you prefer. We’ll take the first payment of £199 now, then £199 again in 30 days, with a final payment of £199 in 60 days from today.

The old rules are dead!

As I’ve hinted at throughout this letter…the ‘old rules’ for making money on eBay are dead.

Yet in the midst of the booming and increasingly competitive e-commerce markets, I’ve developed a new blueprint that makes serious money on eBay, right here in 2019

If you want the secrets of doing what I do – then it’s only available through The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur training, available here today.

With my system, you can build a £1K/month eBay business…right up to one doing six-figures a year and beyond.

You can do this on a small-scale, or you can do it on a large scale. It’s entirely up to you.

One thing is for sure: my Strategic methods absolutely work, and I believe they work better than any other approach out there today for anyone interesting in making money from eBay.

And yes – eBay is, still, a force to be reckoned with.

But you can’t sell like everyone else, using the same tired old methods.

If you do it ‘the way everyone else does it’…you’ll get nowhere fast. You’ll spin your wheels for years and never actually make any progress.

These days, in today’s Internet World, you need to do it differently. You need to do it…


When you do, the results can be staggering.

With The New Strategic eBay Entrepreneur, I’m going to tell you how to do it – from A-Z, and with absolutely nothing held back, so you can copy my £43K/month strategic blueprint for yourself.

With my 60-day guarantee…you have nothing to lose by giving this a try for yourself.

Try The New Strategic eBay Entrpreneur today.

I know your eyes will be opened! Try it for yourself, today.


Oliver Goehler



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