My Best Ever Emails –

Now Collected Into A Handsome Book

For Anyone Who Wants To Sell More Online!

Dear Customer,

As a long-time reader my daily emails, you know I’ve written a LOT of emails over the years!

(Some better than others, admittedly!)…

These emails give you my best thoughts on how to profit as an online seller, and include other information besides…

So here’s what I decided to do…

I’m a big book fan, so I thought – why not create a ‘best of’ book that contains some of my very best emails over the years?

It would be a perfect ‘pick-me-up-and-read-when-you’re-bored’ kind of book…

It would act as a great ‘reminder tool’ for online sellers who want to sell more online using my methods…

And it would ensure that some of my best emails don’t get lost forever (after all, who really keeps and stores emails these days?).

So that’s what I’ve decided to do…

More specifically: I’ve taken my emails from 2015-2019 (of which there were around 800) and took the most instructive, the most useful, the most actionable (those you can take to the bank!)…

…and we’ve bound them altogether into this beautiful book…

As you can see, it’s quite the specimen.

It runs around 230 pages and is almost 80,000 words of real-world, online money-making information. The book itself is bound into a hard-cover with gold foil stamp finish on the cover, printed on quality 90gsm paper. The cover is a hard-cover, made from

It’s (almost) a work of art.

This is a book you can add to your library and that you will refer to over and over again, hopefully for years to come!

Each email ‘secret’ contains something of value that will make you a better seller (and ultimately will put more money into your pocket!).

Here’s a list of some of the emails covered…

  • The #1 Most Important Thing You Need To Sell Online…and most people don’t know what it REALLY is…
  • Arguably THE best people to sell to online – whether there is a recession or not they ALWAYS pay out, like a broken cash machine!
  • Warren Buffet’s most important secret – and why you should use it with your online business
  • TWO simple secrets to improve the response of your product’s listing – and how to use these two same secrets to choose products
  • Add this simple ‘twist’ to your product and watch the sales increase
  • An almost-forgotten Chinese website to find hot product ideas
  • The World’s Most Valuable Currency isn’t what you think
  • Sell A ******* In A Box And Win
  • Should everyone run their own online business?
  • How to ‘unjam’ your brain to get endless creative ideas for your online business
  • 15 years in the game – what did I learn? These 7 secrets are critical!
  • The secret behind one of the most successful consumer products of the last 10 years (sold out for $12bn)
  • The Amazon secret of New York’s orthodox Jewish population
  • The best way to steal a supplier from someone else (legally)
  • The best person to sell to if you are selling on Facebook (or want to). Forget most other niches. Focus on this person first!

On top of all this…

You’ll also get some of my best articles from my paid-newsletter over the years.

These are longer, more in-depth and continue top-drawer information that – once again – will make you a more successful seller…someone that can out-sell other people and who dominates and crushes their online competition!

A sample of what you’ll learn…

The Silverback Principle – the most important principle I’ve ever written about or seen anywhere, and which will be responsible for 99% of your success online. A brilliant and incredibly important article, if I do say so myself! (This one article alone is worth the entire price of the book!).

Amazon’s Ranking Formula revealed – how to ensure YOUR product gets to the top of Amazon’s listing results (page 1) – where the action happens. I’ve never seen such a detailed breakdown as this.

The End of the World? An extremely unusual theory that could spell the end of the consumer society – and, if this comes to pass, THE best product/niche to sell to (this isn’t as crazy as it sounds – just look at the chaos of the last few years! And no, in case you’re wondering – the product isn’t alcohol!)

Real-Life Projects from my files – a rundown of different product launches I’ve done in ‘real-time’, showing you which won and which lost. What percentage of product launches are really likely to be profitable and WIN? I’ll look at the hard numbers here.

Profit Breakdown – how my eBay business profits and an important principle behind it that applies to ALL online businesses everywhere. You won’t read or find this kind of real-world information anywhere else!

And more…

As a long-time reader, you know this information is valuable.

And now, with the release of this new book-format, you can keep this store of wisdom forever in a permanent form.

Some more secrets from the book…

  • The only 3-step formula you need to succeed online
  • FOUR of my favourite ‘passive income’ opportunities (real ones!)
  • My most important eBay ‘secret’. It’s something I’ve known for a while.  It can literally make OR break your entire eBay business…intrigued?
  • This ‘New Mechanism’ secret if how you take over any super-competitive niche
  • A secret from one of the USA’s most successful ‘tech’ entrepreneurs about launching your first (or any NEW) product
  • How to ‘work out’ the cost (i.e. manufactured cost) of any product before you buy it from a supplier..
  • An under-utilised part of that tells you what to sell next…
  • “Today, I want to talk about a very powerful marketing ‘secret’… one which you won’t hear this anywhere else!” Look out for these ‘*** *****’. They are where fortunes can be made!
  • And lots more…

This is a book you’ll refer to time and time again…each time gleaning new information that you can profit from (or simply being reminded of something that will make you more money!).

The book is called, quite simply, called Daily Secrets – Volume 1.

(And yes, at some point there will be a Volume 2  that you can add to your collection!).

One thing is for sure: these are real ‘secrets’ that are hard won and have helped me sell £Millions online.

There’s no theory or BS academic speak here.

It’s all real-world, practical, actionable information that will make you a better seller…and make you more money!

So what’s the price?

It costs us quite a bit to publish this book, as you can probably tell from the photos. It’s a quality piece.

But I’m not looking to make fortunes here.

This is more of a personal project, as I don’t want this valuable information to disappear forever.

So, I’ve settled on a price of just £67 for the book.

And…that includes free postage as well.

And yes, you get a 30-day guarantee…

So if you don’t like it, just return it to us.

I don’t seriously expect anyone to return it, as everyone reading this should already know the value therein.

But if you really want to, the guarantee is there as a fail-safe, just in case.

Order today.

We’ve just got the book in from the printers and they are ready to despatch from our office.

Order today by clicking one of the payment buttons below, and grab Daily Secrets Volume 1 for yourself.

I guarantee it will be a book you’ll read, re-read, and refer back to for years to come!


Oliver Goehler

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