Go big…or stay small…?

That’s the question a lot of entrepreneurs face at some point.

Let’s say you have a proven model of some sort…

You are regularly getting 20 orders a day…or 50, or 100…

You’ve carved out a decent lifestyle for yourself.

But you’ve got that nagging question gnawing away at you…

Should I expand even further – and go for it?

Forget 100 orders a day – let’s go for 2,000 orders a day!

This is a question a lot of online sellers will face IF they
can get things off the ground.

I’ve thought about this a lot, and my conclusion is:

You should only grow big if you really want to.

Sounds simple…but, what I really mean is this: you have to really
enjoy this stuff. You have to really WANT to do it…because it will
mean a huge commitment.

Your choice is:

1) Stay lifestyle-orientated and make good mon-ee ‘in the background’.

2) Go for it – commit and try and grow into a monster.

I’m interested to get YOUR thoughts here too…

Is it better to simply live a great lifestyle…or go for it, and try
and fulfil maximum potential (albeit at a greater cost to your life,
at least in the short-term).

I realise not everyone is in that kind of position.

But still…interested to know what people think!


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